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"Roman Kujawa's work in architectural conservation and the conservation of oil paintings is top flight.

Roman is a man of talent in these fields and also one with the versatility it takes to be an able problem - solver."

                          William Seale, former Curator of the White House

"Roman Kujawa provides Old World mastery of decorative painting and restoration techniques in a modern world, bringing richness and luster to many projects."

                                                     Anthony Ingrao, Interior Designer

 Miro Art Inc. provides the highest level of decorative interior artwork to exclusive clientele who appreciate Old World artistry and supreme craftsmanship. 

 Founded in 1981, we serve the most distinguished interior designers, homeowners, and collectors throughout the country. Projects range from creating a trompe l'oeil Pompeian gallery and a faux marquetry floor for a Park Avenue apartment, to restoring the 18th Century ceiling and gilding the crown molding in the Blue Room of the White House.

 With a dedication to we are known for exceeding our client's high expectations.

Miro Art Inc. offers a diverse menu of service:

Decorative Paintings:

We perform decorative painting in a wide range of styles, including fresco, mural. and  trompe l'oleil in acrylic, oil or water base.  Using the finest classical techniques, we create  extraordinary artworks of educing beauty.

Decorative Finishes:

We utilize intricate painting techniques to imitate materials such as marble, wood, paper, stone, metal, fabric, animal and fish skin, and much more. Our finishes can be elegant, opulent, dramatic or whimsical.

Conservation and Restoration:

We bring a strong background of European training and experience to our conservation and restoration services, which encompass:

- Old paintings on canvas and on walls

- Sculpture in stone, wood or plaster

- Gilded and painted furniture ( including Louis XIV & Louis XV ), mirrors and frames

With devoted attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship, we restore museum - quality pieces for private collectors and auction houses such as Sotheby's.

Production and Design:

We design and produce new painted and gilded furniture, screens, lamps, fireplace mantels, floors, doors and more based on historical styles. Those exceptional pieces bring a sense of history and character to outstanding interiors.

Founder of Miro Art Inc. is known for his ability to evoke and realize his client's visions.

Roman designs and oversees each Miro Art project personally, employing the finest artisans to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Following his education in classical art and conservation, Roman worked on art treasures in European museums, palaces, and churches. In 1981 he moved to New York, where he received a Master Degree in Painting at the School of Visual Arts, and founded Miro Art Inc. This background enables him to combine full mastery of classical painting with superb craftsmanship and restoration expertise.


Tel: 914-484-8350


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